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Why us

We are very serious and professional with our customers. 

We take dozens of pictures of each pinball machine in all its parts (playfield details, coin door, display, backbox, cabinet from all sides, under the playfield, serial number, boards, etc.) and the most important thing is that we focus on the defects (if any) because our customers must not have any bad surprise.

We can send a video and a detailed report about the real conditions of the pinball machine. That is to make the purchasing experience hassle-free.

Our Commitment


We know that buying expensive machines long distances can be somewhat intimidating, but we will do whatever it takes to make your experience a great one.

Don’t believe us? Just tell us your Country and we will give a list of customers near you that have already bought from us.

Of course, you can contact them to ask for our references.
Last but not least, we give our customers a reliable post assistance service.



Beyond the operator, furthermore, our relationships with personal collectors give us access to many “home use only” titles that other companies do not have access to. 

If there is a specific machine you are looking for, just let us know...we can find it! (and we have had any kind of request...also in the Arcade world)

Customer first

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